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SRIAV is a start-up publishing house looking for unusual themes from unusual authors. Founded in 2012, we have not done badly having been able to get some very ordinary people to help pen extra-ordinary books. The books have all been much appreciated for the originality of theme and unpretentious style of narration.

Rashtriya Indian Military College (RIMC) in 2022 celebrates it centenary. In the100 years of its existence, through the body of its alumni and illustrious faculty, the school has been witness to momentouschanges in our society. To commemorate the centenary a few old boys of the school have come together to retrace school’s journey bringing out a volume each year of collection of essays and/or short stories. These volumes are evolving into what historians describe as subaltern writing. Never before has any institution in this nation made such attempt at history writing.The first two of the series – Camphor Avenue (2013) and Veerkumars of Rajwada (2014) were runaway success, with some of the essays being prescribed in a training module at the prestigious IIM-Bangalore.  The third of the series is Soaring Pines (2015). The narration is based on the premise that there is Pine Tree within all of us and it must be allowed to soar; the unbridled spirit of childhood must lead to achieving maturity of outlook; to be selfless leader of men (and women) wherever you are. In each of the chapters, we find the spirit of Soaring Pines revisiting our lives.

Sidharth Mishra (b.1967) is the centenary series editor. He is a professional journalist, author and promoter of a think tank but believes that the job he does best is that of story-telling. Getting the rapier bearers to wield the quill would probably make another great volume.



Unfortunately in India, as also in other democracies of the world, the numerical strength of a community, which can easily be converted into a vote bank, is the most important factor in the government arriving at a decision about them. However, the beauty of Indian democracy is that there is also scope for forceful debate and argument. There is scope for the power of word against the power of the numbers. Gorkha: In Search of Identity will go a long way in providing that power of word to the community, which so far has been treated by the government no better than the trophies in the dining halls of various military units.

Brigadier (Retd) CHANDER SINGH THAPA (B.1952) did his early schooling from St Joseph's Academy Dehradun and joined the prestigious Rashtriya Indian Military College in January 1964. A keen sportsman while at school he represented Uttar Pradesh at the National Games, winning a medal. Commissioned into the prestigious 70 Armoured Regiment in 1972, he attended Defence Services Staff College (Wellington), saw active service in Sri Lanka, commanded 48 Armoured Regiment and also commanded the oldest tank brigade of the Indian Army during the stand off with Pakistan after Kargil, in course of 34-year-long service.

A Gorkha soldier has always given the nation a cause for confidence. They have won five wars for us and participated in several internal operations to secure the Indian Nation. Unfortunately, the government has all these years followed the policy of not looking beyond the Khukhriand Topi into the hearth of a Gorkha home. These are the issues which have been very forcefully put forth by the author in this book.

After hanging up spurs he picked up the challenge of wielding the quill along with the golf club living at his ancestral home in Dehradun with his wife Vibha. While his older son Uday has continued with the family tradition of soldiering (6th generation), younger Abhay has found life's calling elsewhere. A Gorkha, he has umbilical links with his community thanks to the tales told to him by his late mother Premlata Thapa and grandmother Saraswati Devi.



Come December and it's time to chill out in Delhi. The Yuletide time in the national Capital comes with fog and mist. At thesetimes, the Page 3-type leaves of newspapersget full of the stories relating to theChristmas and New Year parties. These stories are invariably about food on offer in the upmarket restaurantsand five star hotels. Several in the city quenchin their thirst by reading about these parties and asparticipating in them comes with a prohibitive cost.However, for the past few years, breaking on themain pages of the newspapers are reports of the culinaryexperts from across the country bringing theirfood carts to create an extra-ordinary mosaic. TheNational Street Food Festival being organised for the past few years by the National Association of StreetVendors of India has been an initiative to break mythabout the food cooked by the roadside. For three daysfrom late morning to late into the night, its festivaltime with some of the most exciting food served fromall over the country.This book is an attempt to encapsulate the struggle of organising the street vendors' movement, draw onthe strength of street food and tell small little stories about the colours of the mosaic - the food delicaciesfrom across the country and also about their creators.This book would find empathy from the patrons of thestreet food, be of utility to the students of social movementsand provide a window to the connoisseurs of theIndian food medley.

Arbind Singh, Sangeeta Singh are an unusual couple who have got together to bring together the largest component of India’s unorganized sector – the street vendors. Under the aegis of their organization NASVI, the street vendors movement has got a new meaning with the Parliament passing an act for the protection of their rights.


Stuart Sinclair Prince of Wales Cufflink

Handcrafted Prince of Wales' cufflinks from Stuart Sinclair in Hong Kong.The high quality cufflinks have the unique Prince of Wales feathers design and cost 15 pounds in the UK. They are made of high quality precious metal called rhodium along with zinc alloy at its base. It has a company warranty against rusting or losing its shine.Imported in bulk by an alumni of Rashtriya Indian Military College (RIMC), whose founder was Prince of Wales, these cufflinks y are available for Rs 1000 per pair.


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